Aero EPC Mag catch upgrade


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A replacement magazine catch for the EPC lower that raises the installed height of magazines to help with inherent feed issues.

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  1. Ezra Lopez (verified owner)

    This single handedly solved all of my failure to feed issues. I built an AR-9 using the EPC-9 upper and lower receivers. I had all the parts that are well regarded as optimal for an AR-9 build, but the gun still would not feed hollow points. Even with the Macon Armory Guaranteed to Feed barrel.

    A fellow Redditor pointed me to this mag catch, so I gave it a try and I have had 0 malfunctions with Federal HSTs and Sig Sauer Elite V- Crowns, two of the most jam-prone bullets in the AR-9 platform.

    If you’re experiencing feed issues with your EPC-9, get this. It takes less than 5 minutes to install, it’s affordable, and it works.

    Detailed Reddit post with pictures and videos here:

  2. frank stair (verified owner)

    hey, I am the first to leave a review, yeah, all joking aside Rudy you are the man! I love your mag catch for the EPC-9 lower! it not only raises the mag up so the bullet is lined up with the bore better but it also eliminated all the slop I had with the mag being able to be pushed up or down with the factory Aero catch. thank you so much for all your help on all the forums too! I will try and post some pics if that’s ok and if it works.

    with factory catch:

    with Macon catch:

  3. Mark Hedges (verified owner)

    This was the final piece I needed to resolve the feeding issues I have had with my EPC. Now my EPC easily eats all the flat-nosed and JHP rounds that it used to choke on. Thanks, Rudy!

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