I want an AR-45 in my collection. Where do I start?
If you have an AR-15, you’re halfway there already. Our complete conversion kit has all you need to make the necessary modifications to your existing lower receiver. Simply attach the AR-45 upper receiver to your AR-15 lower, insert the magazine well adapter and .45 ACP magazine and you’re all set. Reverse the process to make your AR-15 fully functional again.

What buffer spring combination do I need for the AR-45?
The direct impingement AR-45 with a 16-inch barrel is intended to run with a standard carbine spring and buffer. For those wishing to use a standard A1 or A2 stock, a 2.7-inch spacer is required to adapt the carbine spring and buffer to the longer buffer tube. For shorter barrels the standard spring works, but you may need to remove the weights from the carbine buffer in some circumstances.

I want to build my AR-45 upper with my own hand guard. What are my limitations?
Give us a call. We can work with you to get the upper you want in the configuration you want. However, due to the proprietary nature of the AR-45 gas system not all handguards are compatible. Check with us first.

I want to build my own AR-45. Can I just purchase the parts I need?
For the blowback model, yes.  Call or email us.
For the direct impingement model, no. Because we are using a caliber the AR-15 wasn’t originally designed for, a certain amount of hand fitting is required for each DI upper. We want to ensure you have the best shooting experience we can provide, so we prefer to assemble and test fire each unit ourselves, first for quality control.

I am left handed and want a left handed upper, is this possible?
Yes. While not a production item, we have built many left handed AR-45’s. It’s a custom job, but doable. Call or email us to discuss.

Do you offer discounts for law enforcement or military?
Hell yes – active and retired.  Just send us an email with the subject line: MIL/LEO DISCOUNT.  Include your name, whether you’re LE or MIL, active or retired.

For law enforcement officers, include what force or department you currently work (or worked for), dates employed and in what capacity.

For military, provide your unit and active duty dates. We’ll send you a discount code to apply toward your purchase

We’ll send you a discount code to apply toward your purchase.

Do you offer a warranty?
We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all Macon Armory-produced items. If an item fails due to workmanship, we’ll replace it. Owner-related damage due to improper use is not covered under our warranty.

Where can I get a Glock magazine-fed lower for an AR-45?
Macon Armory is partnering with Green Swamp Tactical to provide large frame Glock lower receivers engineered for the AR-45 in both direct impingement and blowback.