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9mm Extended Adjustable Weight "Deadblow" Buffer

9mm Extended Adjustable Weight "Deadblow" Buffer

  • $49.99

Extended length heavy buffer for blowback 9mm AR's. Hollow steel body filled with lead shot to eliminate bolt bounce in blowback systems. 

  • 5.5 to 7.5 ounce weight
  • Machined steel body
  • 4 inch over all length
  • Black nitride coated.
  • Eliminates "bolt bounce" and the out of battery issues associated 

As of 9/8/20 we are out of buffer bodies. We are currently running an order of 45 ACP barrels and hope to be finished by end of week. Material is on the shop floor to do another run of the buffers. We will start as soon as the current barrel run is finished.